Combining your Training Program with Doggy Daycare or Boarding at Redlands Rover Ranch will allow your dog to socialize under the trained eye of our staff.


We want your dog to have good manners and be a safe well behaved dog that is welcome everywhere.

Lifestyle Dog Training  

Rover Ranch Training Center


Lifestyle Dog Training and the Rover Ranch Training Center were created to improve the relationship between families and their K9 Companions. Dog training is a system of communication between people and dogs. Your lifestyle plays a big role in what training program is right for you. All Dog Training programs can be tailored to fit each clients needs. Creating a common understanding that enhances your relationship with your dog is our Goal. Lifestyle Dog Training is affiliated The Rover Ranch Training Center and Redlands Rover Ranch. Rover Ranch offers cage free Doggy Daycare and Boarding. All dogs are evaluated before attending Rover Ranch to insure the well being of all  guest. Rover Ranch has a well trained staff that reinforces the training  your dog receives. Working together, we use training and socialization to help you have a happy, well trained dog.